Saturday, September 4, 2010

New! New Zealand Missionary Training Centre!

An Open House was held and youth were invited from all over the mission area to come and see!
Some came in buses!
They were gathered into groups and shown a slideshow in the chapel of missionaries and baptisms and quotes of all the prophets!
They entered the building enthusiastically!
Were greeted by the MTC President and his wife! The Marion's!
They were shown a video presentation of "A day in the life of a missionary!"
They were given an opportunity to experience street contacting in a friendly environment!
They were shown a brief clip of the first vision and challenged to gain a testimony of it all their own!
The best part of the tour was when they were able to ponder on the blessings of the Savior in their lives with these wonderful pictures depicting Christ's life as inspiration!
Elders Edlefsen and Luckhardt spent some time at the table display and referral desk!

They could place sticky dots where they had family members serving missions throughout the world!
President Tad Callister with many perspective missionaries!

Some of the Sisters that were involved in the MTC experience!

The hope and prayer was that they left with a determination to serve missions and be missionaries!


Monica said...

What a wonderful mini tour of the MTC! What exciting times for the Pacific Area and a blessing for our daughter to be involved in such wonderful growth! Thanks for sharing with us

Hya said...

Please, could you give me the MTC address?
Thank you

Hya said...
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