Monday, September 20, 2010

Elder Hibbard---we are ready for you!

To Elder Keith Hibbard and every other missionary who has been called to the New Zealand Auckland Mission! We are ready and excited to receive you! Here are a few things we ask of you in the 4 months before you come:
1) Read the Book of Mormon –yes, 4 months is plenty of time!
2) Pray about it and get a burning testimony of it!
3) Study Preach My Gospel- going through all the scripture references!
4) Re-memorize your scripture mastery scriptures!
5) Go out with the full-time missionaries in your area as many times as you can!
6) Work hard and save money, if not for your mission, then for your return!
Then, thank your family for raising a great young man, kiss your girlfriend goodbye (that means a peck, Elder) and say goodbye to your fears!
When you get here---be prepared to work harder than you have ever worked before; be prepared to exercise your faith as a principle of action and power; be ready to be exactly obedient to the mission rules and your leaders; and be prepared to follow the Spirit always!
Be prepared to be amazed-----at what God can do with a teenage boy----the result----MIRACLES!!!

We love you, even before you have arrived---we love you for your willingness to serve, we love you for your worthiness to serve and we know we will have a wonderful experience together!
Aroha nui, President and Sister Porter


patricia dumont said...

I have been in touch with the future Elder Hibbard also and want to say that everything outlined by the Porters is fact!How the Lord can take thousands of young men and women, get them where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be with what they need and ready to serve as they have never served before is not only a logistical amazing accomplishment it is a TRUE MIRACLE! Soon you will know for yourselves. And Mums and Dads will receive great and wonderful blessings beyond their expectations. Much love, Sister DuMont, (Elder DuMont's mum) :)

Kirtus said...

If his excitement reflects in his testimony and work ethic he will be a great missionary.

Jenny Larsen said...

Be prepared for the best experience of your life! My son will be leaving the beloved NZAM in December 2010. It went by way too fast! Watching the youtube video made me cry because it seems like that was just our son opening his call and falling on the floor with joy at the news he would be serving in NZAM!

Jjlr1 said...

My Son will soon be joining you Elders. Elder Tyler Russell in Dec 2010 He is my Oldest & the frist Child to leave home so it is nice to see photos and here how much you love Auckland New Zealand We are from Spanish Fork UT Tyler has two Brothers and one Sister McKayden 11 Halen 3 Sydney 13 I'm so happy we have found this website.