Thursday, September 23, 2010

Basketball with President!

Every so often on preparation day Elders will challenge President to a basketball game!
President's turn around jump shot is hard to beat, even for Elder DuMont!
Hey, he can jump with the best of them---that helps with the old ego!
You may notice that these are all shots in which the President looks really good---hey, I am no dummy!
I sent all the other ones where the Elders schooled the President to their emails! That way everyone is happy!
I believe President thinks he is getting prepared for the day that he can take on Elder Zylstra again---he, you've got to give a man his dreams!
In the mission field, even U of U and BYU get along! Unity! It's all about unity!
The basketball challenge is over and all are happy! Elders Aldridge, Brown, DuMont, Hussain, Kauhenga and Molisi--did you notice that I even alphabetized the Elders names? Now that is compulsive or politically correct---you choose!

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