Friday, January 8, 2010

A Woman of Faith!

Here is Sister Fotu (left) and Sister Taimani (right). Recently, Sister Taimani had severe abdominal pains and then when she began vomiting, her companion, Sister Fotu, said, Enough, I am calling Sister Porter. We sent her into the clinic and they sent her to the hospital! They took a blood test and was indicating that it would be a cyst or her appendix! They would determine if surgery was required in the morning. The Elders were sent to give a blessing to Sister Taimani! She had to spend New Years Eve in the hospital! The next day, another blood test was taken. The doctor told her she was fine to go home, they would examine her at noon and then she could leave. Since the blessing she didn't even require an aspirin for the pain! This Sister is full of faith and qualifies for the marvelous miracle she received by her faithful dedication to the Lord and to her calling as a missionary! God is making the job of our Area Medical Advisor all too easy!

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