Monday, January 25, 2010

The Saddest Part of Our Call! Saying Goodbye!

Elder Yakachil had to leave a few days earlier than the rest of his intake---we miss our Palauan Missionary!
Left to right: Sisters Taito, Porter, Mohetau, Brown and Cocker
Elder Gardner packs up his pillow for the flight!
The Sisters give one last hug!
Once again another wonderful group of the Lord's Army head home to their families! Take good care of them, they are precious to us!

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snow said...

I, too, love checking the blog and seeing the smiling faces each time. My son will soon be in the group photo of homeward bound missionaries. Those in the incoming group have a glorious time ahead of them and many of the ones leaving might gladly trade places with them. That's how it should be I supppose. Have a great day!

Snow Jones, Kinston, NC