Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcoming in the New Missionaries!

A wonderful new group of missionaries has joined the ranks of the New Zealand Auckland Mission!
Elder Gonda will be serving with Elder Pre!
Elder Keyes will be serving with Elder Moody----not at the transfer meeting!
Elder Huang is now serving with Elder Berge!
Elder Chandler will serve with Elder Guerrero!
Elder Spence is now serving with Elder Rezel!
Elder Christensen will be serving with Elder Purdon!
Elder Burton will be serving with Elder Allsop!
The Gee's will stay together and serve at the Temple Visitors' Centre where they have been called!
Elder Cline is serving with Elder Docking---who was also not at the transfer meeting!


Chandler Family said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kindness in posting and keeping this blog! It is fun for the entire family, not to mention comforting to the parents, to see our missionary in your good care and to see who his trainer is, and to read about the wonderful successes and blessings your mission is experiencing! Thank you so very much. With love and appreciation, the Chandler family.

Monica said...

Yeah, more missionaries at the Temple Visitor's Center. It is awesome seeing the great care and love you have for our missionaries. Thanks for the post! Thank you, thank you!