Saturday, December 5, 2009

Welcome to Wonderful New Missionaries!

We are thrilled to have them and the Lord needs their energy and drive for the work! Back row: Elders Belnap, Tokelau, Ales, Haight, Pres. Porter, Everett, Amy, Smith, Trainor, Kitchen, Greening. Front row: Elder So'oalo, Sisters Nalesoni, Shumway, Porter, Ashcraft, Elder Nipko!


ms.andii mafuahiingano said...

wooooooooow siis you really lookiin LOOOOOOveLY wiit daT biiiiiig smiiiiiiile of yours ... haha ... and you really iis doiin iit ha??? .. well ii'm proud of you .. GOD BLESS you and all your mission peeps .. iin doiing da Lord's work ... love you loads lil sis ... Sister Nalesoni ... mwah

KWEENISA said...

Brothers and Sisters I will be out there come april in the Samoan Speaking mission...i am excited and grateful to serve with you all! Thank you for the blog!