Friday, December 25, 2009

Kaikohe/Whangarei Christmas Zone Conference!

When the missionaries entered the room, one of them said, "Where do the missionaries sit?" The sisters had worked very hard to help us feel the spirit of Christmas!
Elder Krauss and DuMont!


patricia dumont said...

Elder DuMont really fits in! We love that face and the testimony that goes with it! Thank you Porters for taking pictures and posting them. Merry Christmas to you.

Jenny Larsen said...

Elder Larsen! Seriously, if you ever read this blog, you need to wear a different tie! Look at the pictures from the past year and you are always wearing that purple striped tie! Where did you even get it? I giggle every time I see it. Still, it is wonderful to see you and your bright smile. Keep up the hard work.
Your Mother xoxo