Friday, December 25, 2009

The only sisters in Kaikohe Zone! Sisters Selfaison and Shumway!
The Shoemaker's (CES), Elder Walch and Elder Brady

Sister Seminoff and her crew of cheery elfs--that made all this possible!


Jenny Larsen said...

Thank you "Cheery Elves" for making this possible for our sons and daughters. The decorations looked festive and marvelous! It is comforting to know that they all had such a Merry Christmas season. They all looked happy and satisfied. What more could we mums want!

patricia dumont said...

These Elves are Angels! Thank you for making such a beautiful presentation and feeding our son! Much love to you.

The DuMonts

Monica said...

A huge thanks to all you angels who made such a wonderful meal for our missionaries. The decorations are awesome and Sis Shumway said you were so good to all the missionaries. It is so heartwarming to have you take such good care of our daughter! Thank you! Thank you!
The Shumway Family