Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our wonderful office staff!

Picture #1 - Sister Mackay - Assistant to the President!

Picture #2 - Elder Mackay - Mission Accountant!

Picture #3 - Sister Langford - Service Missionary!

Picture #5- Elder DuVall - Fleet Manager!

Picture #5 - Sister DuVall - Baptismal Records and Mail!


snow said...

Thank you for "introducing" me to Sis. Mackay! She has been an answer to this mother's prayer on more than one occasion.

It is so exciting to peek into your world like this. We so appreciate all that everyone does on behalf of our sons and daughters in spreading the gospel.

Sis. Snow Jones
Kinston, NC

Kathy said...

It is amazing to think about all the people it takes to run a mission. They all look so happy and very capable of doing what is needed for everything to run smoothly. We sure appreciate their service.
Elder Westphal's Mom

theloulie said...

So fun to see mom and dad at work in the mission field. Mom you forgot to open your eyes for the picture!

The Ison Family said...

Sister and Elder Mackay are my aunt and uncle. How fun to see pictures of them on here. I miss seeing them but I know that they are doing a wonderful job serving the Lord and spreading the gospel.