Thursday, October 9, 2008

A closer look at our newest NZAM missionaries!


Lucinda Adams said...

Thank You Sister Porter, l am away overseas in France,so it was nice to have this blog emailed to me; to hear of and see photos of my son on his mission. l appreciate your efforts in keeping a blog for all us parents of our young missionaries. Thank you so much.

MichelleChud said...

So cute. It's fun to see the missionary life. I bet you guys are the best missionary president(s). :) So great, we just might have to come and see it for ourselves! :)

Desiree said...

Missionaries totally rock my world! Thanks for the pictures Sister Porter. You have no idea now releaving it was to see that my missionary still has all four extremities in tact and his head on his shoulders. You're all fantastic!

Miriam Bledsoe said...

Wow! This is amazing. Thank you so much for bringing our missionaries just a little "closer to home" even though we're half-way round the world. This is fabulous!!!!! Thank you-- thank you again!

Miriam B.