Saturday, September 20, 2008

Elder Polo lives!

Sister Polo----

Elder Polo was hesitant to send any pictures because he felt like he had gained weight. His smile makes up for any apprehension---I felt like you would agree!


Rory said...

Oh, yes, Sis. Porter!

That smile makes up for EVERYTHING! (It has since he was about two weeks old!)Thank you so much!You gave our whole family a lift like no other! You're wonderful!

Much love, The Polos

Ellen said...

Hello Kerry,
Lindsey passed along the blog info to us. Your family looks so wonderful. How are you doing? Drop me an email when you get a chance at: Our son, Scott, returns from South Dakota Rapid City Mission Nov. 1st. We are so excited to see him. Well, take care and talk with you soon.
Much love,
Ellen Anderson