Friday, March 25, 2011

We lose another wonderful couple!! We need more couples!!

We said goodbye to another amazing couple that had a great experience here in the New Zealand Auckland Mission --The Robertson's! What a blessing they were---you better appreciate them family!
Isn't he just the cutest!
No, I take that back, she is the cutest!
Oh, how we are going to miss them!
Hey, didn't the prophet ask for more couple missionaries---ours seem to be leaving much faster than they are coming!


Dalo said...

Robertson's are amazing people. They taught me many great lessons while on the misson. They influce the lives of many missionaries with their example of love and service. Miss them really much...Thanks Talosaga Fiaui

WriteOn said...

I just love the Robertsons. They were wonderful with my son, Elder Amy, and I am so glad he had a chance to know them. They have done a wonderful job and made the experience for the missionaries there that much more special. Thank you Elder and Sister Roberts for all you have done in the New Zealand Auckland Mission. Best wishes to you in the future.

Sister Shannon Hoffmann

WriteOn said...

Oops, I meant thank you Elder and Sister Robertson. I am typing a little too fast today. :)

Kiwa Nana or Papa said...

Give us seven years and we will be there. Can you come back? Bob and Miriam Langford