Sunday, March 13, 2011

A difficult Goodbye!

How very difficult to say goodbye to our loved office couple Elder and Sister Walch! What an amazing example they have been to all of us! Our lives have been blessed by knowing them!
Ever the picture perfect couple who gave their all to the New Zealand Auckland Mission --We love you Walch's!
Outgoing missionaries say cheers to the New Zealand Auckland Mission! Left to right around the table: President Porter, Elders Witt, Smith, Moody, Faka'i, Allsop, Sisters Chen, Elisaia and me! Elder Manu's visa ran out before the departure date of the outgoing missionaries, so we had to say goodbye to him a few days earlier! Same thing with Sister George, from India and Sister Kapalu from Vanuatu! Visas have become a curse to missionary work! The Moody's came to pick up their son. The Mum always gets the first hug! Funny huh! Next, it is Dad's turn! Elder Moody just happens to be the baby of the family and the Moody's went on a mission to Africa while Elder Moody served here. They just returned home from their mission in December! How is that for a missionary minded family! Way to go, Moody Family! You deserve the best reunion ever! The Smith family came to pick up Elder Smith---see, Mum gets the first hug! This brother-in-law made a lot of points by getting a ticket for Elder Smith's sister at the last minute, to complete the family reunion so they could all be together once again to pick up Elder Smith from his missionary service! Elders Handy and Greening (assistants to the president) and Sister Chen (from China)! Left to right back row: Elders Allsop, Smith, Witt, Moody and Faka'i, and Sisters Chen and Elisaia in the center! You will be missed!


Lekili said...

Thank you for your posts Sister Porter! It is so wonderful to be able to see these great missionaries in action. We love the pictures and news and we have watched the videos over and over. Leslie Jenkins

Dalo said...

Kia ora!
Watching these new missionaries reminded me that we are all in the winning team and that we should all play our part . Thanks Sister Porter for updating the blog. Everytime I feel the spirit of wanting to go out there and save many souls...Talosaga Fiaui