Friday, December 17, 2010

A great new group!

It was a wonderful and large intake and we are thrilled to have them!
Elder Jibas will be trained by Elder Snow!
Elder Huang is training Elder Stewart!
I just included this one of Sister Naidu (new missionary) and Sister Kamal because I think it is wonderful that we are getting missionaries of Indian descent because of our rising Indian population here in New Zealand! They are everywhere---God knows and sends them missionaries to teach them also---we now have three Sisters of Indian descent, Sister George is missing from this picture!
Elder Thomas is being trained by Elder Heslop!
Elder Andros will train Elder Russo!
Sister Nalesoni will train Sister Funaki!
Sister Pasiaka is being trained by two Sisters--Alatini and Feao!
Sister Vea will be trained by Sister Mafi!
Elder Desmarias is being trained by Elder Chandler!
Sister Joost will be trained by Sister Mahas!
Elder Tham will train Elder Tautuiaki!
Elder Russell will be trained by Elder Kitchen!
Sister Naidu is being trained by Sister Kapalu!
Sister Clark will be trained by Sister Shumway!


Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing with us!!! We have been watching the blog since Sister Joost got her call so it is fun to finally see her there! Thanks for taking the time to share some pictures of the group.

patricia dumont said...

How wonderful to see that Elder Andros is a trainer and Sister Shumway as well. I know their parents will be proud, their real parents and their "mission parents:".

We are happy to know Elder Desmarias is in good hands with Elder Chandler.
The DuMonts send their love and Christmas wishes to you. We love having our son home and think fondly of all in NZAM. May you have a wonderful new year as well filled with many coming to the waters of baptism.
Patricia DuMont and family.

Pasiaka said...

Thank u for ur great ideas to have a blog were us parent can be able to view pictures of Sister Pasiaka nd with her new companion. We learn that S.Pasiaka join the group and sing a song and had no idea she can sing =) Thnk u for all the pictures..

Ofa Atu
Pasiaka Family

Monica said...

Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks for the photos of the misson conference and the new assignments. Sister Shumway loves her new companion and loves her missionary experience. Thanks for keeping us updated at home. We know you are a wonderful mission mom and we feel of your love for every missionary. You are such a blessing! Thanks again,
The Shumway family

Katya said...
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