Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Mission Conference!

The Halo Family presented quite a beautiful and delicious lunch for our Christmas Mission Conference!
We were blessed to have President and Sister Callister with us! They enlightened us about the beauty and magesty of the Atonement!
They are such a blessing to the Pacific Area!
I am afraid that this is a bit of a "finding waldo"---in this event---find your missionary!

We began our lunch program with a performance from the Aussies!
They sang Jingle Bells--Aussie style!
Very unique!
Gotta love those Aussies!
Next performance was from the Samoans!
Wow! Now the Samoans have "Got Talent!"
Who would have thought that Elder Tia could lead a group and sing a solo so amazingly! Hidden talent!
Bravo Samoans!
Now enters the Tongans!
With another fabulous performance, Tongan style!
Fo Lo Fo La is one of my favorite Tongan hymns! What a treat!
Then came the flavor at the end---
a bit of a HAKA!
All the missionaries received packages from Santa's elves! Elders White, Cushing, Jeppesen and Walker were pretty excited! It was a great conference---having the mission together was a powerful experience and the Spirit was strong!


amanda said...

Didn't find Waldo but found a Whitrod! Merry Christmas Sister Porter and thank you for this wonderful blog.

Jjlr1 said...

Yes thank you so much for this wonderful blog. Me and Elder Russell use to look at these photos all the time together and now to see him in New Zealand with you in the photos there are no words for how Proud of him I am thank you again Bother & Sister Porter for taking the time to show us these Amazing photos and the wonderful Journey our children are on I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear Sister Carrie Russell

"In the way . . ." said...

Great pics Sis. Porter. Thanks. Did you get any of Elder Seth J singing, or was that in the chapel? Keep up the wonderful work!