Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcoming New Missionaries!

We are happy to welcome in 14 great Elders and Sisters into the New Zealand Auckland Mission! When they arrive we take them up to One Tree Hill, which is a park atop a volcanic cone that gives a 360 degree overlook to Auckland City and all the surrounding area. On 19th May 2010, when they arrived we were greeted by a sight that we had never seen before. One of the missionaries said, "It feels like we are in the Celestial Kingdom!" Another said, "Now we know what God sees when He looks down upon us!" You decide which was right, the following were pictures taken on that day!

Just wanted you to have a taste of the "slice of heaven" your son or daughter has been sent to!


Van said...

Absolutely breathtaking!
Thanks for the pictures!
Vanessa Andros

patricia dumont said...

May I add to what Sister Andros has stated? Many hymns come to mind at the sight of these beautiful photos. How blessed we are to see them too. Hymn # 59 says it best, "Softly beams the sacred dawining Of the great millenial morn,...Splendid rising o'er the mountain, Glowing with celestial cheer, Streaming from eternal fountains, Rays of living light appear... Swiftly flee the clouds of dardness, Speedily the mists retire, Nature's unitversal blackness I consumed by heav'nly fire...
With love and appreciation, and a special welcome to the newest Missionaries!
Patricia DuMont,

Elder Stucki said...

Wow, these pictures are amazing!
Stephanie Stucki

Amy Martinsen said...

I still can't believe our Sarah Ann is in such a beautiful land. Thank you so very much for doing this blog and allowing all of us to share this experience.
Love to all...
Amy Martinsen