Saturday, March 20, 2010

Waterview/Panmure;Tamaki; Manurewa/Papakura Zone Conference!

The fantastic sisters from the Papatoetoe Stake who served the missionaries 2 days this week (over 150 meals)--thank you!
The largest of all the Zone Conferences!


patricia dumont said...

Thank you for the photo of the entire group! They are wonderful. I am thinking our son jumped to be the tallest one in this picture. That would be something he would do!

Much love from Elder DuMont's Mum

lausii said...

ey elder Tau and elder Mataele...fuu maalahi tama hoo mo post ihe otu mua eh..heheh..sii fklata pe ngaue ihe i hena masii ko eld mafua...hey kau tama toki sokia atu he...ofa atu kia moutolu...NZAM pe eni kihe auha toko...ofa atu lausii

iliveformygrandkids said...

Thanks you for posting these pictures. It is so wonderful to pull up the website and see the smiling faces of these wonderful missionaries....especially when one of them is your son.
Thanks again for all you do for the missionaries.
Love from Elder Loomis' mom

John said...

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Michael Brown Family said...

Sister Porter, we appreciate your efforts to maintain this Blog. It's always nice to see our son with all the other missionaries. We're proud of the NZAM and pray for all of your success each day. Brother and Sister Brown (Elder Stefan Brown's Parents) - Kaysville, UT