Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hamilton; Glenview; Templeview; Rotorua; Tauranga; Gisborne Zone Conference!

The wonderful Hamilton sisters that make the meal so faithfully each transfer that lights up the missionaries faces in delight!
Elder and Sister Walch (Office couple) are the chaparones here!
Elder and Sister Sessions (VC Couple)and Sister Blyde (flat inspection) are the chaparones!
Ice cream cones for dessert!
The cones were a big hit!
Hamilton Fun!
More Hamilton fun!
American Hamburgers with the works was on the menu today!
The missionaries certainly love their Hamilton ZC meals!
The Gee's work at the Temple Visitors Centre along with the Funk's!
The Funk's are our brillant new Hamilton New Zealand Temple Visitor Centre Directors!

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Monica said...

It is always so much fun to see our missionaries. Thanks for the pictures. Give all the sweet ladies that feed our missionaries a big hug and huge thanks for making it so beautiful and yummy for them every time!
Sis Shumway's mom