Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Relay with Zone Leader Council!

Right before lunch, we took the missionaries attending the Zone Leader Council to the garage for the Porter Family Halloween Relay! Halloween is not celebrated in New Zealand for the most part---which is a good thing---but we thought we would share a bit of a family tradition with our missionaries. A Halloween Relay goes like this: Two teams, same bags with items marked on the outside (e.g., Bat wings (beef jerky), Cat's heart (a whole tomato), Werewolf brains (spagetti), I think you get the picture). Inside is the contents in a plastic zip loc. When the relay begins, each participant eats the contents of their bag as fast as they can before the next one can begin eating his. The first side done is the winner!
Two Australians are neck to neck eating Maggots (bran) and from the looks of things, Elder Davidson and Elder Dixon are fairly equally matched!

Oh, Elder Taylor, how bad can it be---that Rotting flesh is only Dates!

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Nate and Stacia said...

How fun! Thanks so much for all your work on the blog-I love it!

Stacia McDonald
(Sister Louder's FAVORITE sister)