Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elder Cooper will be trained by Elder Adams!

Elder Neville is being trained by Elder Belk~!

Elder Porter---no relation---will be trained by Elder Sevey!


belk-elk said...

Thank you so much for keeping up the blog Sis Porter. It is so exciting to see!!
Love Elder Belk's mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures and blogs, What a wonderful thing you have done for all of us back home! It was so great to see all the missionaries and thier trainers.

Elder Porter's (no relation, HAHA) Dad

pamelacg said...

YES! THANKS! OUR SON, RYan (ummm) ELder Porter's best friend just went in the MTC yesterday! This way we can see how great is buddy is doing!

patricia dumont said...

The DuMonts just learned we are cousins with Elder Sevey. His uncle, Matt Hyde is Elder DuMont's grandpa's son. Figure that one out!

We wish him the very best!

Patricia DuMont Bel Air, Maryland USA