Sunday, September 27, 2009

Temple Trip and Zone Conference!

It truly was as glorious as it looks!
Three days of missionaries flooding the Temple of the Lord!

Receiving the inspiration and power to carry forth with the work of the Lord!

A slice of heaven on earth!


Elaine said...

President and Sister Porter-

You are the best. I just went to the temple this week and it was missionary day. I couldn't help but think that it was about time for the mission to go to the temple again after our cold, wet winter, but being full of fire and the spirit. I was so trunky for my mission as I waited and contemplated in the temple. Thank you for helping us make our missions all they should be. You have made a difference in so many of our lives. Thanks again.

Former Elder Brad Guthrie

patricia dumont said...

What a beautiful day and what beautiful faces of the Lord's special servants. What a priveledge to have our son serving in NZAM, the BEST mission on earth! Sister DuMont, Bel Air, Maryland USA

Vivian Love said...

Thanks for posting this picture! We can see our son in the crowd.

Sis. Vivian Love
Mom of Elder Wm Todd Love

Anelisa said...

I can see my beautiful neighbor in one of the pictures. A big hellow to Sister Williams from Woodruff!

Ramona said...

President & Sister Porter,

Thank you so much for this wonderful blog with pictures of our sons and daughters. Moms just love to see pictures of their kids! Pres. Porter, thank you for your leadership in our son's life - he truly loves and respects you. What a blessing his mission has been for him! I know New Zealand and his mission experiences will always have a special place in his heart.

Sister Ramona Cashmore
Mom of Elder Stephen Cashmore