Sunday, September 13, 2009

Amazing Young Leaders!

This incredible group of Zone Leaders truly delighted me with their goodness!
I placed them at the bottom of the staircase inside the house and told them that they needed to get to the top of the stairs without touching the stairs, banister, or walls.

Within minutes, they were pushing and lifting one another to the second floor onto the balcony.

One of the remarkable things was that, one Elder suggested an idea to another Elder about doing it another way. When he realized that this way of doing it outside had already been put into action, the Elder said, "No, it wouldn't be unified!"

The most important thing to them was that they did it together! The church is in good hands! These Elders are wonderful instruments in the Lord's hands and he is able to work His miracles through them as they desire to be one!


patricia dumont said...

what Sister Porter is not telling us is the number of Elders who wrote home to say they had ripped their pants!

This is real trust... President!

Liz Bielecki said...

haha! thats awsome!
look at the team work! no one told me about it! :)

Niueanqueen said...

Its so good to know that we have fantastic missionaries working in our New Zealand .... Im also greatful for the fantastic spirit into our homes