Monday, June 1, 2009

Your Sons and Daughters are growing up!

Recently, I had a birthday and I was surprised by how delightfully creative your sons and daughters are! They are not only losing their wonderful personalities that we all know and love ---but through God's perfect plan for us, they are learning how to love others as themselves and to care for them and reach out and lift another! God's plan is perfect ---as we trust in Him, rich blessings are in store!

Elders Guthrie and Shipley are wonderful together and sent this to me!

Elder Docking sends his best!

Elders Maneha and Southwick display their artwork!

Sisters Bush and LamChueng find these treasures in the store, that they would have purchased for me----but the intent and picture are worth it all!

Elder Forsyth and Lyman came up with this creation! They are learning to love others and show them---you can be proud!


snow said...

Happpy Belated Birthday Sis. Porter! From the look of those pictures, I am sure this will be remembered as one of your best birthdays ever. Thanks for all you do. There is evidence you are loved by your missionaries:)

Snow Jones

lisa said...

Happy Birthday! I would say that I hope it was special but I can already see that it was!

Love, The Polos