Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lunches at Zone Conference!

Elders McFarland, Jones and Allsop are about all I can make out in this one!

From the front left around the table; Elders Cope, Robison, DuMont, Felton, Hayes, Williams, Reynolds, Rance, Andros, and President Porter!

Elders Watkins, Tamale, Ale, Samani, Saena, Gardner and Brown are about all I can make out in this photo. Maybe your eyes are better than mine.

I probably shouldn't attempt this one, but the ones in the front are Elders Maneha, Mahoney, Hammond and Mafua.

This is a bit easier---the Hamilton New Zealand Temple makes an exquisite backdrop for Sisters Taaboia, Wolfgramm, Selfaison and Elders Hammond, Kelemete, Ale, and Fausau!


TaylorClan said...
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Van said...

Sister Porter,
Thanks for the pictures! It is good to see Elder Andros and the good company he keeps! Thanks again for the blog.
Vanessa Andros

Sela said...

Hello Missionaries,

I really enjoyed looking and reading most of the sentences. I am also a Mormon and also had my Baptism at the Pilkington St Chapel. It looked like you had a great time being an missionary!! Keep being the BEST Missionaries EVER at bloging!!!

By Sela