Saturday, February 14, 2009

One big happy family!

I will simply list the names instead of trying to identify what row they are on! I think you would agree that is best! Elders Andros, Brown, Burr, Collett, Davidson, Fukofuka brothers (yes, we have two brothers-visa waiters-going to Australia missions),
Hammond, Happel, Kelemete (visa waiter for PNG), Larsen, Long, Malungahu, Millward, Petty, Preston, Rance, Rezel, Sevey, Shipley, Sua, Tham, Watson, Whitrod. Then, Sisters Porter (our daughter, who will be serving one transfer), and Tofilau!


Van said...

Thank you for having this blog and thank you for this posting of the new missionaries! It is good to see our son (Elder Andros) in such good company. Thank you!
Larry and Vanessa Andros

SEVEY said...

Sister Porter, way to go, this is all good stuff, it is wonderfull that you have put this together. Also to the Andros, it really is good to see Elder Andros in such good company. Our Elder Sevey was his companion in the MTC and we have already gotten to know thru him what a great son you have there.
We love the blog, we love New Zealand, we were there one year ago exactly for my oldest sons running of the Iron man in Taupo. We talk of going over again a little early and picking up Elder Sevey from his mission so we can see it all again. We are talking about maybe coming over 22 months early. Just kidding President Porter. Please if you ever get the chance to communicate with the good Bishop of Taupo let him know that we just love him. He was made Bishop the Sunday we were there and it had to be one of our most favorite Sacrament meetings of our lives. Such a humble man and such a magnificent spirit. Well again Sister Porter as the Kiwi's said to our runner all along the ironman course for over 10 hours, "well done, well done."

Jenny Larsen said...

Sister Porter, Thank you so much for posting pictures of our sons and daughters on this site. My son arrived in Auckland in January as the only incoming missionary for the month. I have been waiting so long to see his face and it really brightened my day to see that he looks well and happy. Thank you again!
Jenny Larsen (mother of Elder Jeffrey Larsen)

Kodiak said...

Hi there I'm not really sure who is in charge of the blog but I just received my call to serve in the New Zealand Auckland Mission. I'm so excited to come serve.

-(soon to be elder) Todd Love