Friday, June 3, 2011

Saying Goodbye is NOT for WIMPS!

Such wonderful missionaries, such wonderful memories and such amazing miracles! Left to right: Sisters Teaupa, Nalesoni, Porter; Elders Belk, Cameron, Christiansen, Stucki, Luckhardt, Timoteo, Magleby, Tonga, Johnson, Afoa and President Porter! On the wharf on Lake Pupuke!
Elders Kauhenga and Fanguna had to leave a few days early due to expiring visas!
Elder Baraniko from Kiribati was also one of those whose visa was going to run out before the transfer, so he ended up leaving over a week early!
The group really missed them when they were all together! Strong bonds are formed in the mission field!
Elder Magleby came right in the mission home the morning of their departure and got right into what their next "Commitment Pattern" would be looking like! I love how the girl is "to be identified!"
Elder Christiansen had investigators that had to come to the mission home to say their final goodbyes to the Elder that brought the gospel to their home and hearts! Vanessa and Fernanda are friends for life and into the eternities!
Elder Christiansen was also picked up by his parents! Mom gets the hug!
Elder Afoa is picked up as well by his mother, father and sister--who he is hugging! (No it isn't his girlfriend!)
Elder Stucki--the "drama king" falls down the steps to greet his family!
Picks himself up and greets his family!
Sister Teaupa is supported by many family members who are not even members--they were lovingly encouraging through the entire testimony meeting!
She was covered with treats--and some to share as well!
Elder Cameron's mom taped while Dad got the first hug--then, his Dad had no idea how to work the recorder for Mom's hug! That's what Mom's do!
The crazy group gather for one final picture!

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