Monday, August 16, 2010

Farewell to faithful friends!

What a wonderful group of faithful missionaries---we loved every one with their unique and valued contribution and loved the bond they felt throughout their missions! Left to right: Sisters Tofilau, Williams; Elders Lyman, Drake, Nelson, Cope, McClain, Watkins, Whyte, Ng, Fawson, Bridenstein, Bridge, Krauss!
Elder Mafua had visa issues that limited him from leaving with his group, so we had a small group departure meeting for him!
The Cook's who served before us, provided the great idea of having the missionaries write their names on a tablecloth when they leave the mission so that we have the names of all the missionaries who served with us! It will continue to be a treasure for us!

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Pauline said...

I am sure going to miss these missionaries!! Best of luck guys..its a shame the mission forgot to post your!