Friday, July 23, 2010

Sisters are no longer required to wear hose---

This is what Sister Martinsen thinks about the new hose policy! Hurray!


Amy Martinsen said...

Come on, babes....tell us how ya really feel!!!!!
lovies, mum...your soul sister in the war against hose :)

Fancy Cakes said...

Hose: Restrictive, Cumbersome, Unattractive, and invented by men.

So happy for you Sarah and ALL the other Sisters! Love the picture. You just look!

Love you,
Aunt Molly~

Pauline said...

I would have loved that..while serving. Its a shame the revelation didn't come out sooner..

peggy said...

Sarah you look like the flying nun without the constrictive habit!
Love ya girl
Aunt peg

Roger and LeAnn said...

Perhaps it would be good if you could see if this is a Church policy and or a mission field policy for not wearing nylons. I served a service mission as the nurse and the sister missionaries were allowed to not wear nylons when tracking during the warm weather. However, they were required to wear nylons in formal church meetings and the temple
As it is Young Woman and Relief Society Sisters are continuing to wear flip flops to church and dressing casually with Levi skirts and no nylons. We should dress in our best and be respectful when we are in sacred places such as the Temple and Sacrament meeting rooms.
May I refer you to the last Conference address by Elder M. Russell Ballard: Mother and Daughters -
Here is one quote from this address:"If the mothers wear flip-flops and other casual clothing to sacrament meeting, so do their daughters. Mothers, your example is extremely important to your daughters - even if they don't acknowledge it."

Mature Voice said...

No hose is not a general church policy. Service missionaries are required to wear them.

Bare legs: Unattractive on older women, especially those who have feet or leg problems.

Bare toes: Very unattractive unless one has especially lovely feet.

Flip flops or any of their derivitives in church: Disrespectful, a vanity.

amanda said...

I didn't wear "hose" on my mission more than 20 years ago in a tropical country. Wearing or not wearing has nothing to do with respect. There are more women and cultures in the world not wearing than do wear. I think for the greater part the wearing of "hose" goes back to an era when you also had to wear a hat and gloves. I might wear them in winter if it is cold, but certainly not in summer. You can still wear appropriate footwear for Church and temple attendance without wearing "hose".

Jayce said...

I work at the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah and had the opportunity to work closely with those at the New mission presidents Seminar. It was announced there before the new mission presidents from the brethren that the rule on sister missionaries being required to wear "hose" or "knee highs" was no longer in force. I heard it with my own ears. I know it comes as a shock, but we believe in continual revelation, right? ;)

Candace said...

Yup, policy has officially changed! Skirt length now follows this guideline: Covers the knee when sitting or standing. I have a sister missionary store called Sorella Bella with cute styles that do just that! Check it out at

Perona said...

Fring it on! Sister Martinsen you still look like a flying angel. Well, all i can say is, with or without nylons we can still see HIS IMAGE in your countenance. Serving with you is such a great evidence that you are really HIS REPRESENTATIVE, without a doubt. SO just carry on! Revelation is still on going. You are such an obedient sister missionary.

To everyone "DON'T JUDGE quickly if you do not want to be judge"

Carry on Sister Martinsen. You are the best. Love you lots.