Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy to have the accident months over!

First Sister Sessions fell down the stairs outside her flat and broke her ankle--bad! She was in the hospital for 7 days before she came to the top of the list for her operation---in which she got a plate and 7-10 screws in order to put her ankle back together again!
Elder Subramanian, on the left was biking along one day and heard a pop in his knee and the rest is history---inflamation and discoloring, filling with fluid that needed to be drained. He was in for over a week with IV antibiotics!
Which brings us to Elder Wigginton's toe---don't faint mom---he just tripped on a stair going to a lesson and in the middle of the lesson felt some pain, looked down and it was twice its usual size. He had fractured the big toe which required a plate and screws to hold it into position while it healed properly! He is so embarrassed over all this fuss for just a big toe, that the story of how it occured is growing to include running into a burning building to rescue a whimpering child! Aren't we glad that didn't really happen---we are very happy about the REAL story! They all are doing well and healing nicely! We hope that this is the end of the hospital stories!

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patricia dumont said...

Those poor head, shoulders, knees and toes! Hopefuly there will be no more accidents. We pray for your well being and health of all missionaries. We love you.

And how wonderful to catch a glimpse of our dear Prophet.

much love,
Elder DuMont's mum