Sunday, April 25, 2010

Language Conference!

Where two or three Tongans or Samoans are gathered---there must be good food!
The problem is that they don't typically eat breakfast---so we made it simple and had lots of fruit!
The company was the important thing!
This is a gathering of all the missionaries serving in the Samoan program of the mission! Fa Sa Fua Elders and Sisters!
Likewise, this is a gathering of all the Tongan missionaries in NZAM! Ofa Atu Elders and Sisters!
Just a bit of a demonstration of how some of our Tongan Elders such as Elder Kauhenga, shows here, how he gives President Porter such a loving hug that it lifts him off the floor! It works well to minimize the chiropractor visits as well!
Here are all the Elders and Sisters serving in both the Tongan and Samoan programs of the New Zealand Auckland Mission! We decided to try something a bit different --- not all the Elders and Sisters serving in our language programs understand all the english that is spoken at Zone Conferences in the mission. We wanted to give them their very own conference in which they could be taught in their own language and we invited a few of the Stake President's and Bishop in the area to teach on needed subjects! It went well!


patricia dumont said...

Such beautiful Spirits and beautiful faces! Great servants of the Lord.

Can President say "put me down" in several languages?

Smiles to all.
Elder DuMont's mum, (favorite blog mum.)

Emilee said...

Dear Sister Porter,

My best friend is one of your missionaries,and I was wanting to send him a package. I would really appreciate it if you had any suggestions of things that he would love to have or misses from the States. If you can think of anything, please email me at

Thanks a bunch!!