Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random shots from transfer meeting! You gotta love these missionaries!

Ben Marshall is our ace for helping us with our bikes---there are so many wonderful people that make this mission able to run smoothly and Ben Marshall is one of those who make it happen with our missionaries bikes! Thanks Ben!

Elder Love says that this bag has been passed down now through 7 missionaries to him! A fun treasured memory!


Anonymous said...

Sister Porter, we thank you for keeping this blog and giving us the opportunity to "see" and "feel" our missionaries experiences. We love your blog and were so excited to see that you have been blessed with great visits recently. Elder Love tells us he loves the mission and especially the people.

willson said...

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Monica said...

Awesome, another batch of new missionaries! They are coming to a wonderful mission with Pres and Sis Porter who love their missionaries so much and the Spirit of the Lord so strong among them all. A special thanks to Ben Marshall for his bike magic. We know what a blessing that is!
Sis Shumway's mom