Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Even Missionaries end up in the Hospital!

Elder Mafua ended up in the hosptial for a few days! He is a lovable missionary and made fast friends in the hospital---he counted 11 contacts he made in a day and a half!
He hung his shirt and tag up next to him so that everyone would know that he was a missionary!

Now, the last two missionaries to end up in the hospital had one common denominator----they were both companions to Elder Brown! Hum---what does that tell us---I think Elder Brown might need to think about going into the medical field when he returns! Actually, when visiting his companion, Elder Mafua in the hospital, he injured himself and ended up going to the physio and a specialist! Wow---how specific does the Lord need to be?!?!!
Left to right: Elders Gardner, Brown and Mafua.


Cory Cunningham said...

Those good old New Zealand hospitals.....

Frances said...

Haue! (Tongan for "oh my!")...poor Elder Mafua! Hope all is well!

Fran Bush