Sunday, August 2, 2009

Elder Purdon from New South Wales will be trained by Elder Drake from Utah!
Elder Snow from Utah is being trained by Elder Swift from Canada!

Elder Pre from Melbourne, Australia will serve with Elder Hausianthang of Myanmar!

Sister Irobeni (the first sister from Solomon Islands) will be trained by Sister Rymar from Queensland, Australia!

Elder Rubalcava from Arizona will be trained by Elder Fausau from New South Wales, Australia!


Rubie, said...

Sister Porter,
Thank you so very much for sharing these moments with us! It means so much to us and to have our first son serve, it has been a great blessing. Thanks to you we can see how well he is doing.

Again, thanks for your love and kindness!

Brenda Rubalcava

Amy said...

It seems fitting that Elder Snow would be from Utah but he is actually from the hot Nevada desert! Thanks for posting pictures of the new companionships. Its fun to see the faces that go with the names from Elder Snow's letters!

Amy (Elder Snow's sister)