Sunday, July 12, 2009

Got Fire! Theme for winter season!

Elder Fanguna is 7th in the nation of Tonga at Fire-dancing! He demonstrates at lunch that he has the fire of the spirit to last through this winter season!

More Elder Fanguna!

Elder Gramlich toured as our Samoan fire dancer!

And Elder Avea performed at Polynesian Culture Center before he came to serve in New Zealand!

New Zealand Auckland Mission has talent as well as FIRE of the SPIRIT to last through our winter season!


Ann Mitchell said...

Way fun!!! Is it really winter there? It doesn't look like it!!! Make sure you celebrate Sister Hutching's birthday today (July 15) BIG TIME!!!

Christie said...

Keep the FIRE burning! Love the fire-knife dancing!

Sister Lausii said...

Go Elder Fanguna go go go.......go Tonga go go.......we proud to be a Tongan ......... keep it up that's how Auckland Mission more talents and share you talents as the scriptures said....anyways love you all and take care.....