Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zone Leader Council

This transfers Zone Leader Council included our District Leaders and incorporated some experiential team building events at a local Scout Camp.
Elders Bledsoe, Williams, Nelson, Shumway and Feomaia were to stay on the tires and board and progress to the end of the field before the other teams.
It looked like they had a decent system, they were just laging behind.

Yes, I think these Elders are trying to tell us that they were successful at their task. (Elders Guthrie, Taylor, Seegmiller, Fawson and Frew--left to right)

I do believe that Elders Orullian, Robison, Ale, Fiaui and DuMont are telling us that they also were successful! Elder Robison certainly knows his New Zealand Haka!


patricia dumont said...

These are some very mighty missionaries!

Having fun while strengtening their leadership skills and their testimonies.

Thank you President and Sister Porter!
Elder DuMont's mum

elder si'u arona james tafiti said...

wow looks like you are all having fun . i look foward to joining you all. (3 weeks after july 8th beacause i'll be in the mtc)
i'm very glad i know what and who to expect when i get there.
a future elder of the new zealand auckland mission.
elder si'u arona james tafiti