Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes, Four Assistants for a short time!

Elders Gramlich, Robison, Dixon and Tonumaipe'a for a short time are all serving as assistant's. Elder Tonumaipe'a has special assignment with the language missionaries for one transfer; Elder Robison is going to work as a Zone Leader after being in the office for 3 or 4 transfers; Elder Dixon remains with us and Elder Gramlich joins him as his companion. We are grateful for all these fine Elders faithful service!
And the are still baptizing as well! Now those are great Assistant's!


kiwimills said...

Elder Robison..our fav missionary! (Elder Alberts was also a fav, but when you go home buddy, you lose the spot!) I saw him at the Temple in Nov, hope he gets a chance to serve in Whangarei again..hint hint! HE can see if he can lift our lamb around his neck now...he is Mutton and about 200kg!!!
Nicola Mills

Shirley said...

Just found this Blog, what a nice suprise to see our son. Yay! Elder Gramlich, we love you!