Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bus, Lunch and POKENO"S!

Part of the temple experience is traveling on the bus, packing up lunches to eat around the visitors center----and stopping at POKENO'S for cheap, great ICE CREAM! It is famous in New Zealand and especially with members of the church going to and from the temple! I heard recently that New Zealand consumes more ice cream per capita than any other nation! This would be due to the fact that they make it hear and it is fabulous! They enjoyed every lick!


snow said...

We learned touring temple square prior to taking our son to the MTC that NZ is known for it's wonderful ice cream. My son has always loved ice cream so it was a delight to see him enjoying a cone (or two?) during the temple trip:)
Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us!

lisa said...

Oh my! Elder Polo told us about this I think and said he "took it easy" with seven scoops! His companion had TWELVE! I really hope he was kidding!Thank you again for the updates! You're wonderful!

Love, The Polo Family

lisa said...

I just reread Elder Polo's email. His companion only had ELEVEN scoops...I didn't want to exaggerate. :)